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Raspberry Sparkling Wine

Rasberry Infused Sparkling Wine

This champagne is a delightful and effervescent tribute to the beloved raspberry. Its sweet and fruity character, coupled with its vibrant appearance and lively bubbles, make it a perfect choice for celebrations and moments of indulgence. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing aperitif or paired with desserts like chocolate mousse or fruit tarts, this sparkling wine adds a touch of raspberry-infused joy to any occasion. It is a delightful reminder that wine can be a source of pure pleasure and a reason to raise a glass in celebration.

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Tasting & Pairing Notes

Aromas, Flavors, Palate
Tasting Notes

Appearance: This champagne presents itself with a lively and captivating appearance, featuring a delicate rose-pink hue that evokes the essence of ripe raspberries. Effervescent bubbles rise gracefully through the glass, adding to its visual charm.Nose: The nose of this sparkling wine is an aromatic symphony of fresh raspberries. It exudes the sweet and enticing fragrance of sun-ripened raspberries, reminiscent of a berry orchard in full bloom. Hints of floral notes and a subtle touch of citrus zest enhance the bouquet, creating a harmonious and inviting aroma.Palate: On the palate, it offers a burst of raspberry goodness. The flavors are lively and vivacious, capturing the essence of ripe, juicy raspberries. The effervescence enhances the fruitiness, creating a delightful sensation of raspberry sherbet. A touch of natural sweetness adds to the overall fruit-forward experience.Body: With a light to medium body, this champagne maintains a refreshing and approachable character. It has a pleasing balance that ensures it can be enjoyed on its own or paired with various culinary delights.Finish: The finish is a celebration of raspberries that lingers on the palate. The effervescence persists, leaving a vibrant and refreshing sensation. As the bubbles gently fade, the memory of ripe raspberries remains, offering a satisfying conclusion to each sip.

Mains, Appetizers, Nibbles
Food Pairing Notes

Raspberry desserts are a natural match. Enjoy this sparkling wine with raspberry sorbet or a fresh raspberry tart.Sushi and sashimi also pair beautifully with sparkling wine. The crispness and acidity will complement the delicate flavors of the seafood.For a delightful brunch, serve it with smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels.