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Bacchanalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the Roman God of Wine, Bacchus. These celebrations were described as mystic, lively, and most noted for their wonderful cuisine and fabulous wines. In honor of this ancient tradition, we offer our wines and recipes to our wine club members as a “thank you” for your patronage. As an exclusive Bacchanalia member, you will receive:

  1. Trio of Annual Delights: Savor the taste of our finest wines with a trio of three-bottle shipments, delivered three times a year, right to your doorstep, or choose to personally pick them up at our winery.
  2. Savor Savings: Unlock up to 20% off on all your wine purchases, ensuring you get the most out of your wine passion without breaking the bank.
  3. Members-Only VIP Access: Revel in the exclusivity with special invitations to our “Members Only” events, where you’ll be treated to unique experiences and mingling with fellow wine enthusiasts.
  4. Private Estate Tours: Immerse yourself in the Avio world with private tours of our picturesque estate, and indulge in special tastings held either in our barrel room or amidst the serene vineyards.
  5. Rare Vintage Treasures: Partake in tastings of exclusive vintages sourced from our private cellar, a hidden gem not accessible to the general public, making your wine journey truly exceptional.
  6. Zero Membership Fees: Enjoy the perks without any sign-up cost; your minimum commitment is just three shipments.
  7. Affordable Luxury: Experience this premium membership at an accessible price point, with each shipment starting at approximately $75.00, plus applicable shipping and taxes.
  8. Exclusive Accommodations: Book The Carriage House at Avio directly and bypass hefty Airbnb fees, ensuring an elegant and cost-effective stay while visiting our enchanting estate.

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Joining the wine club is free of charge!

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For more information, see our Wine Club Terms. Shipments of wine require an adult signature, as required by law. Any wine returned to Avio Vineyards, or redirected to another address, will incur an additional shipping charge. Avio Vineyards is not responsible for these charges. If you are not available to receive your shipment, and have received a delivery attempt notice from the shipping company, please contact them directly to make alternate delivery arrangements. 

Delightful Avio Wine Club Gift Membership

Are you on the hunt for a truly exceptional gift to present to a dear friend, cherished colleague, or beloved family member?

Look no further—share your passion for Avio’s finest wines with them.

For just $225, you can bestow upon them a year of exquisite enjoyment. With our Avio Wine Club Gift Membership, they’ll savor the taste of luxury, receiving a carefully curated selection of three premium Avio wine bottles delivered straight to their door, not once, not twice, but three times throughout the year.

But that’s not all. As esteemed Club Members, they’ll find themselves on the guest list for our exclusive and enchanting special events, adding an extra layer of enchantment to their membership. It’s not merely a gift; it’s an experience.

And here’s the best part—you have the freedom to purchase a gift membership on your own or share the delightful cost with coworkers or family members, making it a gift of shared appreciation. Every Avio wine delivery will be a reminder that someone holds them dear, elevating the experience with a personal touch.

Celebrate the art of fine wine, share the Avio experience, and create lasting memories with our Avio Wine Club Gift Membership. It’s a toast to the exceptional moments in life.

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