About Avio Vineyards

A Rich History Of Wine Making

About Avio & Our family

Our family in Avio, Italy has been producing exemplary wines for generations and we continue the tradition here today at Avio Vineyards and Winery. We specialize in creating smooth, true Italian-style varietals such as Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese, as well as robust reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and two award winning blends.

Avio Vineyards is a destination that embodies the spirit of northern Italy. Our Amador County wine estate is reminiscent of a traditional Tuscan farmstead, complete with a rustic courtyard and fountain.

We invite you to bring a picnic brunch, lunch or afternoon snack and enjoy sampling our wines while you relax and take in the surrounding beauty, under California’s ‘Tuscan’ sun.

Keeping The Family Name(s) Alive

Avio currently cultivates 30 acres of grapes, which we break down into five blocks affectionately named after our Italian family and friends:

Zio Nino’s Lot

10 acres—Zinfandel

We named our Zinfandel after Zio (Uncle) Nino because he reminds us of this fun, spicy and energetic varietal.

Zio Georgio’s Lot

1 acre—Cabernet Sauvignon

Zio Giorgio has always been somewhat of a classic; he’s reserved in nature with refined qualities…just like our Cabernet Sauvignon.

Zio Giancarlo’s Lot

11 acres—Sangiovese

Zio Giancarlo’s personality is very hearty, robust—a true Italian through-and-through. A mirror image of our Sangiovese.

Zio Paulino’s Lot

3 acres—Pinot Grigio

Zio Paulino is subtle, easy-going, and gets along with everyone. Paulino reflects our Pinot Grigio; a guaranteed crowd-pleaser which complements any occasion or any meal.

Milena’s Lot

5 acres misc—Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Syrah, Aglianico, Orange Muscat and Pinot Noir

Milena brings forth the best of all of these varietals; her nature is one that is fruity and sweet when the occasion is right (reminding me of our Aglianico & Orange Muscat), with a deep complexity that surprises and delights you (similar to our Pinot Noir and our Petite Syrah). These varietals are produced in small quantities, which we bottle exclusively for our Wine Club.

43 years

Making Wine

9 Varietals

Grown at Avio

14 Wines

Handcrafted Onsite

Producing Wine For Over 170 Years

About the Amador Region

Located about 100 miles east of Napa Valley, you’ll find Amador in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s and snow-capped Tahoe mountains. This wine region is steeped in history and is widely claimed to be the first wine trail in California.

The wine industry took flight during the Gold Rush of the 1850s, amid the rugged western foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range. As fortune seekers, flocked to the Sierras to prospect for gold, small wineries arose to help slake their thirst. Within a few decades, there were over 100 wineries in the area known as the Mother Lode, more than any other region of California. Some of the vineyards planted during that era survive to this day.

Amador County is renowned for its Heritage Zinfandel wines from the old vines that have been dry-farmed and cultivated for over 150 years. However, staying true to the adventurous spirit of this gold rush region, winemakers continue to explore the rich soils and unique terroir of these lands and have found incredible success with Italian, Rhone, and Iberian varietals, including Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah, Grenache, Vermentino, Tempranillo, and Aglianico.

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