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Super Tuscan Blend

The 2020 Maximus is a remarkable Super Tuscan blend that beautifully combines the power and finesse of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon reserves. From the enticing aromas of chocolate-covered cherries to the velvety mouthfeel and layers of flavor, this wine is a true gem. Whether sipped on its own or enjoyed with a hearty meal, the Maximus promises a memorable wine experience. Its long, rich finish, marked by the interplay of oak and vanilla, is the perfect conclusion to a wine that exemplifies the artistry of blending and winemaking.

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6-11 Bottles 5%
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Tasting & Pairing Notes

Aromas, Flavors, Palate
Tasting Notes

Appearance: The 2020 Maximus Super Tuscan blend presents itself with a deep and alluring garnet-red color that captures the eye. Its impressive clarity and intensity in the glass hint at the richness to come.Nose: Upon first approach, this Super Tuscan offers a captivating aroma profile that combines the best of both Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. The nose is redolent with inviting notes of chocolate-covered cherries, creating a delightful juxtaposition of sweetness and richness. A subtle hint of stone adds an earthy nuance, setting the stage for the complexity to follow.Palate: The palate of the 2020 Maximus continues to impress with its opulence and depth. It boasts a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that envelops the senses. The wine’s character evolves into a symphony of flavors, featuring ripe blackberry as the star player. Accompanying this fruit-forward note is a distinct leatheriness that adds a layer of intrigue and sophistication to the overall taste.Body: With a full and mouth-filling body, this Super Tuscan showcases its reserves of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon in harmonious unity. The wine’s structure is both robust and elegant, providing a well-rounded and memorable drinking experience.Finish: The finish of the 2020 Maximus is a grand finale that leaves a lasting impression. It is characterized by the rich influence of lightly toasted oak, which imparts a subtle smokiness and depth. The final note of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness and lingers on the palate, enhancing the wine’s complexity. This long, rich finish is a testament to the wine’s craftsmanship and quality.

Mains, Appetizers, Nibbles
Food Pairing Notes

Enjoy this Super Tuscan with a grilled T-bone steak and a side of truffle mashed potatoes. The wine’s complexity pairs well with the robust flavors of the steak.Italian dishes like osso buco or pasta with a rich tomato-based sauce are ideal partners for this wine.For a vegetarian option, serve it with a hearty eggplant Parmesan. The wine’s tannins complement the texture of the dish.